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A Not for Profit Organisation. Approved Service Providers of the Drink Drive Rehabilitation Scheme



Aspire Driver Development – D.D.R.S. – Terms and Conditions of Booking

Course Provider:

The course is provided by Aspire Driver Development and approved and run in accordance with national guidelines set by the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency. Whilst the course is offered as a way to reduce a driving ban, it is subject to availability and the service provider is under no obligation to ensure that you are allocated a place on the course.

Please note if you choose to book a course with another service provider then their terms and conditions will apply. Costs of courses can vary greatly between different providers.

Time Limits:

It is a condition of the offer of this course that you complete it before the critical date set by the court. The rules and guidelines governing the DDR Scheme are controlled by legislation. This means BY LAW we are not allowed to train you beyond your completion date set by the court. There are NO exceptions to this.

Booking a Course and Course Fees:

Course fees must be paid when booking your course either online at or contacting the office on 03330 883883.

Course fees:

£145 when paid in full in one transaction.

Administration fees:

£20 will be added overall to Instalment plans, making three instalments of £55.
£20 will be added to late bookings where payment is received (in part or full) inside one calendar month of the course start date. N.B. it is your responsibility to ensure that fees are paid on time.

Paying a minimum of £55 on booking will reserve a course place.

The service provider cannot be held responsible for the non delivery of course offer letters and emails.
The course fee must be paid at the time of booking by debit or credit card. We regret that we are unable to accept payment by cash or cheque.

In the event of any increase in the course cost, the fee payable for the course will be applicable at the time of payment and could be more than originally notified in court leaflet or your offer letter.

Once a course place is booked and confirmed it will be the client’s responsibility to ensure attendance at the specified times and place. The service provider cannot be held responsible for the non delivery of confirmation letters and emails.

Failure to Book:

Failure to secure your place by booking and paying the fees, may mean that your offer of a course is withdrawn, then you will be issued with a Notice of Non Completion and the ban will run to its full term.

Completing the Course:

Once a course place is booked and confirmed, course confirmation will be sent by e-mail or post. If you do not receive your course confirmation, please contact the office on 03330 883 883 or email Once a course place is booked and confirmed it will be the client’s responsibility to ensure attendance at the specified times and place.

We recommend that you check the date, time and location of the venue prior to your course date and plan your journey. It is important that you arrive in time for registration; late arrivals will be refused admittance onto the course. The course fee will not be reimbursed and you will be deemed to have not completed the course.

To successfully complete the course you must:

  • Attend in person

  • Arrive at the venue at least 15 minutes prior to the beginning of the course for

    registration purposes.

  • Attend all three sessions in order, in their entirety. Failure to arrive on time or return

    on time after breaks will result in your exclusion.

  • Produce an acceptable form of photographic identification

  • Not drink alcohol before or during the course or be under the influence of drugs

  • Participate fully in the course, providing a positive contribution and demonstrating a

    willingness to make future behavioural changes.

  • Turn off mobile phones, tablets, laptops and pagers etc during the entire duration of

    the course.

  • Bring glasses if you require them for reading or distance (reading a flipchart and


  • Not drive. Disqualified drivers caught driving to or from the courses will be excluded from the course and reported to the police, then issued with a Notice of Non Completion.

Satisfactory completion of the course shall be determined at the absolute and sole discretion of the course tutors.

If you leave the course before it finishes you will be deemed to have not completed. You will be issued with a Notice of Non Completion and the court will advise you to the next course of action.
Abusive, offensive or inappropriate language, threatening or disruptive behaviour towards staff or other clients will result in you being removed from the course. The course fee will not be reimbursed in this event and you will be issued with a Notice of Non Completion and the Court will advise you to the next course of action.
Having agreed to attend a course, it is an offence for another person to attend in your place. Imposters will be found out, arrested and reported to the police.
When attending your course, any other person or pet may not accompany you into the training room. Only persons responsible for the delivery and monitoring of the course and clients attending will be allowed access to the course classroom. The only exceptions to this will be persons present to assist the client with a disability or language interpretation and bona fide observers. If you have any specific requirements or need to attend with an interpreter, you must inform us when booking your place.
If you fail to attend any course training day, or are refused entry, you must contact us within 5 working days that date to discuss your options. It may be possible to offer you an alternative course subject to availability and the critical date for completion set by the court, however any course re-booked will have to be completed in it’s entirety, even if part of the course has already been attended. Non-attendance will result in the course fee being forfeited and full course price will be charged to re-book.
If an alternative course is not available, or not requested, then you will be issued with a Notice of Non Completion and the ban will run to its full term.
Please note that difficulties individuals may face with work or child care issues are not considered valid reasons for non attendance at a course.

Special Requirements:

Every effort will be made to accommodate any special requirements that you may have, provided that you have notified us. If no indication of any special requirements has been made, then we cannot be held responsible should you be unable to complete the course. This information is particularly important when booking online.

Any client with foreign language difficulties who requires the services of an interpreter will be required to provide their own translator, at their own cost, to accompany them on the course. The fact that an interpreter/translator is attending with a client must be notified to the office at the time of booking. If no translator is in attendance and it is clear there are likely to be difficulties in understanding the course then admittance to / continuance of the course will be refused.

Photographic identification:

On arrival at the course, you must produce suitable photographic identification (e.g. passport, work permit or bus pass). Photocopies are not accepted. If you do not have any of these please contact your course provider immediately to discuss what will be accepted. Failure to bring an acceptable form of photographic identification or failure to supply the additional information will result in you being refused admittance to the course. If this occurs you will deemed to have not completed the course.

Refund Policy:

Course fees are payable when booking a course and are not refundable or transferrable except as follows;

Receipt of written withdrawal or transfer request;                              Refund due

Within 7 days of initial payment 100% of fees paid

Within 7 days of initial payment when the
first day of the course is less than 7 days away 0% of fees paid

Outside 30 days of the first date of the course  100% of fees paid less £55

Inside 30 days of the first date of the course 0% of fees paid


(These figures take into account: the amount of training that has been reserved: that the tutors time has been allocated and it may not be possible to reschedule satisfactorily: and that certain administration costs will be incurred by Aspire Driver Development, regardless of whether or not training is taken).

If you are unable to attend any course day you have booked, under certain circumstances (named below) you may arrange another course date free of charge, (subject to availability and the court completion time limit):

  • In the event of you being unable to attend or complete a course due to illness and are in receipt of a medical certificate (doctors are entitled to charge a professional fee for this). Self certification will not be accepted.

  • Notification of a hospital appointment

  • Jury Service or court appearance

  • Bereavement of immediate family (i.e. spouse, parent, grandparent)

    Appropriate written evidence of these circumstances will be required within 7 days of notification.

Course Cancellation and Rescheduling

By You:

Your course fee is non-transferable and non-refundable if you re-arrange or cancel within 30 days of the first course booking date. Please note that difficulties individuals may face with work or child care issues are not considered valid reasons for short notice course change requests.

By Us:

It may be necessary due to reasons beyond our control, for us to cancel or alter the date or time of your course at short notice. If this happened we will give you 7+ days notice of cancellation. Such instances are rare but in the event of rescheduling for any reason, every effort will be made to offer you another course date at your convenience. This is subject to availability and in any case must be before the critical date set by the court.

The service provider will not be liable for any additional expenses that may be incurred through any changes.
If this cannot be arranged, then a full refund will be given to you. In some circumstances a transfer to another service provider can be arranged.

Adverse Weather Conditions:

During times of bad weather, a decision will be made based on safety reasons as to whether courses should go ahead or be cancelled. To check your course status please call 03330 883 883 or check our Website at

Personal Information:

Your personal information is held on a secure server. We will not pass your details on to other parties unless required to in order to comply with laws or regulations of the Government or other relevant regulatory body.


Terms & Conditions are stated to avoid misunderstanding and do not affect your statutory rights as a consumer.

Complaints Procedure:

Complaints by clients should be made in the first instance to the course trainer. Failing a satisfactory outcome, to a Company Director of Aspire Driver Development in writing by letter or email. Failing agreement or settlement of a dispute, reference may be made to the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency by emailing who will consider the matter and advise accordingly. Full details of our complaints procedure will be provided on request.

Contacting us:

Phone: 03330 883 883 If the lines are busy, please leave a message and we will return your call.

Email: and please remember to provide a day time contact number and reference number from your offer letter. 





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