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A Not for Profit Organisation. Approved Service Providers of the Drink Drive Rehabilitation Scheme

When can I book a course?

Within two weeks of your court hearing, the court should send us a 'Referral Order', providing you chose us as your training provider in court. Once we have received this, we will write to you to offer you a place on a course near to you. If you do not hear from us with two weeks, please contact us immediately. 


Can I complete the course with you, if I chose another training provider in court?

It's not a problem, if you would prefer to train with us, but chose another training provider, you will need to contact them to ask them to transfer the Referral Order to us. This can be done securely by email. 

By when must I complete the course?

The course must be completed by the date set by the court. This will be roughly 2 months before you are due to get your driving licence back (with the ban reduction). This means BY LAW we are not allowed to train you beyond your completion date set by the court. There are NO exceptions to this.  

What is a PH number?

This is your reference number, issued by us. You will find it on all correspondence from us.  This number should be quoted when booking online. 

Being banned has caused me financial difficulties - can I have time to pay the course fee?

You can pay in 3 installments of £55, however, the balance must be paid in full a month before your course starts. 


What happens after I have completed the course?
We will issue the court with a course 'Certificate of Completion'. You will also receive a copy, which you should send to the DVLA with your driving licence application. The court should also notify the DVLA that you have completed the course.  


How do I apply for my driivng licence?

Apply for your driving licence 56 days prior to the date when you should get your licence back. Include the reduction given when you complete the course. If you are a High Risk Offender, then it’s 90 days. To apply, you will need form D1 which can be obtained from a Post Office.

To download an 'Application for a driving licence' (D1) CLICK HERE

To download a guidance leaflet on 'How to fill in your Application for a driving licence' (INF1D) CLICK HERE

To download a guidance leaflet om 'How to apply for your driving licence after being disqualified for drink driving' (INF212/1) CLICK HERE 

When will I get my licence back?

We do not know the answer to this. The Court, however would have told you. Approximately, a week after your court case you would have received a document from the court called ‘Notice About Reduction in Disqualification’. This document will tell you the length of your ban and the reduction should you complete he course, which could be in days, weeks or months. The date that you are due to get your licence back will depend on this calculation (up to 25%). Each court will calculate this slightly differently, which is why we cannot quote a date. If you have lost this document, please contact the Sentencing Court.  


Am I a High Risk Offender (HRO)?


What would happen if I didn't attend the course after agreeing to do so in court?
Completing a course will entitle you to drive earlier as well as enable you to consider your alcohol use in relation to driving. You agreed to the making of a court order which has legal status and if you fail to complete the course the court needs to be informed, a 'Notice of Non- Completion’ may be issued under sect. 34B(5) of the Road Traffic Offenders Act 1988. Without the course you are TWICE as likely to re-offend in the future and this would make you a 'High Risk Offender'. (If you are one already it would be even more serious). 

If you were to re-offend it is reasonable to assume that the court would take a more severe view next time, having offered you the option of the course, which you accepted but did not complete. The implications are even greater if you are already a 'High Risk Offender'. 

I have received a 'Notice of Non Completion'

This is a certificate issued by the training provider when you have reached the completion date set by the court, but have not completed the course. This means that it is now too late for you to take the course and your ban will go to its full term. Advice on how to appeal this decision, can be found on the back of the certificate.

I have heard the the government are changing the alcohol unit guidlines. Is this true?

Yes - CLICK HERE for more information. 

I have heard that if my ban is more than 2 years, I can get my licence back even earlier. Is that true?

You may be able to apply for a further reduction in your ban under sect.42(1) of the Act. For more information CLICK HERE.

Where can I get more facts information about alcohol?

We recommend the Drink Aware Website, please CLICK HERE.