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A Not for Profit Organisation. Approved Service Providers of the Drink Drive Rehabilitation Scheme


Why Choose the Course?

Your driving licence returned earlier

For whatever reason you need to regain your driving licence sooner, (family, work, social, mobility) we will help you to get back on the road and back to normal – quicker. If you are referred by the Court to attend a Drink Drive Rehabilitation Scheme (DDRS) training course, once completed, your period of disqualification can be reduced. 


Save ££££s in motor insurance

An increased number of insurers offer reductions in premiums for those who complete our training course. Although your premium is dependant on driving history, age and type of vehicle etc it is likely to be increased as the result of a drink driving conviction. However, this increase can be reduced by attending a DDRS training course. Although a reduction in premium can not be guaranteed, we are told by many past course attendees that savings have been made ranging from £50-£400, far outweighing the cost of the course over 2 or 3 years. 


Less likely to re-offend?

Following the nationwide expansion of the DDR Scheme in January 2000 the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) was commissioned by DfT to monitor the operation of the scheme and to evaluate its effectiveness and the courses provided by individual organizations. The research found that there was a marked benefit to all offenders undertaking a DDRS course. The TRL report also demonstrated that offenders who had not attended a DDRS course were between 2 and 3 times more likely to reoffend than those who had undertaken a course.

Is it further punishment?
Certainly not. The aim of the course titled ‘Your Road Ahead’ is to ensure that you have sufficient information to make a value judgment about your alcohol consumption and your ability to drive safely. We will work as a team through the ‘Cycle of Change’ while challenging attitudes and beliefs to alcohol and driving behaviour. You will have the opportunity to devise coping strategies for the future and develop a lifestyle action plan.


No test or exams

There are no pass or fail examinations, but you will be expected to participate to the best of your ability and make a positive contribution. You are welcome to take notes, although not a requirement, and you will be provided with a comprehensive course booklet. 

Our course consists of discussions, group exercises, games, fun quizzes, questionnaires & handouts. 


Stress free locations

We have chosen relaxed, safe and stress free venues to ensure that your attendance is in an enjoyable learning environment.  All venues are within easy walking distance of rail and bus routes and you should find one within 25 miles of where you live.
We have chosen venues that provide ease of access e.g. wheelchairs etc. and facilities such as male, female and accessible washrooms with hot and cold water available. During the course there will be refreshment breaks and we will make available tea, coffee and drinking water. 


Weekend courses guaranteed

Sessions are available over three consecutive weeks on the same day, each session being six hours (a total of 18 hours), with additional lunch breaks. ALL of our courses are run on Saturdays or Sundays so as not to interfere with your working week.


The training team

All of our training team are leading driver trainers (Approved Driving Instructors). In addition to this they have a teaching qualification and a qualification in substance misuse as a bare minimum. All have vast experience in coaching experienced drivers and delivering behavioural change programmes.

But most importantly they are drivers, and just like every other driver they experience challenges on the road every day.

Two trainers will facilitate every course we run; we feel this is imperative to ensure you receive the best care and attention. Sessions are therefore varied and engaging. We often have guest speakers who have specialist knowledge in related but different fields.


The Booking Procedure

If the Court refers you, we will contact you as soon as we receive your details to make arrangements for you to attend a course. Occasionally, we do not receive your details from the Court, so if you have not heard from us within 14 days of your court case, you should contact us immediately.

We offer a wide range of venues. However, it is important that you do not leave the booking of the course until the last moment. Training courses are not held on a consecutive basis at every venue; some can have a several week gap between courses.

The rules and guidelines governing the DDR Scheme are controlled by legislation. This means BY LAW we are not allowed to train you beyond your completion date set by the Court. There are NO exceptions to this.  

What we cover

Over the 18 hour course, the following topics will be covered:


Unit 1 

•The impact of alcohol use in relation to driving
•The potential impact of drink driving on yourself and others
•The law relating to drink driving
•How alcohol reduces a driver’s ability to drive safely and responsibly
•The broader health aspects of alcohol consumption
•Alcohol use in general and in relation to driving
•The acceptance of responsibility and accountability for your actions

Unit 2 

•Deciding to change
•Setting goals to achieve change
•Recognising the triggers / barriers to change
•Developing strategies for overcoming those barriers
•Gaining the support of others